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Ricardo Correia (Vila Real, 1985) – Architect and Landscape Architect  

Master in Architecture from the University of Évora 2010, where he wrote his thesis on “Public Space Generated by Cultural Equipment”. He has been a member of the Ordem dos Arquitectos since 2011 and he worked as a collaborator on architecture in Lisbon for almost a decade. He obtained the Certificate in Construction Management and Supervision by OA in 2018. He studied Landscape Architecture at the Instituto Superior de Agronomia in Lisbon and at the University of Algarve, having graduated since 2020. Self-employed, he recently joined the Global team. Master in Landscape Architecture in 2023, with thesis topic on “Mateus Cultural Landscape”.

Ambra Orlandelli (Mantova,1991) – Architect  

Graduated in Science of Architecture at the Milan Politecnico in 2014 with Franco Tagliabue. She continued her master studies in Architecture at Universidade Autonoma de Lisboa, graduating in 2019 with Francisco Aires Mateus, Joaquim Moreno and João Gomes da Silva. She worked as an intern in the field of architecture in Milan with Giorgio Santagostino and Monica Margarido, she collaborated for a competition at IFDESIGN Studio with Franco Tagliabue, then in Lisbon she worked as an architect at Marco Arraiolos-Bassi Arquitectos Associados. She also experienced the field of scenography, collaborating as an intern with José Manuel Castanheira in Lisbon. She joined Global in 2021.


Ana Gonçalves (Lourenço Marques) - Administrative Manager  

Graduated in Administrative Assistant/Assistant Manager from ISLA, Lisbon. Has served as an Administrative Assistant in Luís de Morais, Teresa D`Korth-Brandão and Maria Manuel Duarte Law Firm (1992/1993); Aplisol – Real Estate and Infrastructure Construction Company (1993/1995); Brandesco – Manufacturing Company, Lda. (1995/1999); Forlife – Food and Cosmetics Products, Lda. (1999/2000). Has been working in Global since 2000.

João Gomes da Silva (Lisbon, 1962) - Director and Partner  

Graduated in Landscape Architecture from the Universidade de Évora in 1987, and lectured there as an assistant from 1987 till 1994. Since 2001 he is an invited professor at the Architecture Department of the Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa. He has also been invited to lecture in several other universities, and has participated in conferences and workshops, within the scope of theory and practice in Landscape Architecture, both nationally and internationally. Since 2010 is professor at Accademia di Architettura di Mendrisio, and in 2015 was invited as a visiting professor in Landscape Architecture at Harvard Graduate School of Design, department of Landscape Architecture together with João Nunes.     In 1990-91 was awarded the Schinkel Prize, in Landscape Architecture, with Inês Norton and João Mateus, in Berlin, Germany. With the project for the Public Spaces of the Expo'98 precinct, he is awarded the Prize of the Portuguese Design Centre, in 1999. In 2004, was awarded with the Valmor and Municipal Prize of Architecture by Lisbon's City Hall, for the Expo'98 project, in co-authorship with Architect Manuel Salgado. With the Salinas Landscape Project in Madeira, in co-authorship with Architect Paulo David, he is awarded in 2007 the FAD Award, in Landscape Architecture, the International Stone Architecture Award, and in 2008, the Audience Award in the V Landscape Biennial, in Barcelona. In 2010, with the Cycling Track – Belém_Cais do Sodré segment, in co-authorship with Atelier P06, was distinguished with the following awards: Red Dot – design Award; SEGD – Merit Award; D&AD-in Book e European Design Awards - Silver Award. In 2010 with the Project for the São Jorge Castle, in co-authorship with Architect João Luís Carrilho da Graça, was awarded the Piranesi Award.  Since 1987, he has dedicated his professional life, individually or in collaboration, to the critical production of Landscape.

Inês Norton de Matos (Lisbon, 1965) - Partner  

co-founder in 1997 with João Gomes da Silva of Global, she graduated in Landscape Architecture form the University of Evóra in 1989. From 1989/1990, she practises first in Bruxells with Landscape Architects Jef De Gryse and Roland Baeyens, and then she moved in Paris working with Landscape Architects François Maes and Jacques Vergely. Invited in several Universities as a Guest professor and Design Critic in Lisbon, Setúbal, Paris and Berlin. In 2012/2014 has been responsable and coordinator in Angola for the Landscape Architecture Studio PROAP. With more that 25 years' of professional experience Inês Norton together with João Gomes da Silva oversees and managing many of the practice's urban design and projects going to construction.