– Invited competition for the New Urban Park and further Lisbon Amusement Park, Lisbon, Portugal. 2nd Prize

– Museum of the 20th Century Berlin – Exstention of Berlin Neue Nationalgaleire, with BRUTHER architects, Berlin, Germany.


– Competition for the New Church of S. Baptista with Baixa Atelier, Coimbra. Portugal 5th Prize

– Invited competition for the requalification of the central area of Moscavide neighbourhood, with DSJN architects, Lisbon. Portugal. 3rd Prize
– Competition for Foz do Arelho waterfront with Atelier66_Maria Joana Petronilho architect, Foz do Arelho. Portugal.


– Invited competition for the New SP Audiovisul Park with Tetractyis Architects, Barcarena, Sintra. Portugal. 1st Prize (not commisioned)
– Competition for Sorne et la Birse new bridges with Kury Stähelin architects, Delemond. Switzerland. 3rd Prize

– Competition Colle Bellaria, Salerno. Italy

– Competition for the New Hospitality Professional School in Fátima with Atelier66_Maria Joana Petronilho architect, Fátima. Portugal.

– cilento

– Cidade da Horta

– Warwaw Royal Garden

– Nova Sbe


– Open Competition for the Area of Campo das Cebolas / Doca da Marinha with Pedro Pacheco and Paratelier, Lisboa. Portugal. 3rd Prize
– TreeTop Camp with João Botelho and Miguel Oliveira, Odemira. Portugal. 1st Prize

– Lisbon’s New Cruise Terminal with JLCG architects, Lisbon. Portugal. 1st Prize
– ‘Lohsepark’ in der HafenCity Hamburg with Inês Lobo architect, TF Marques and Jacopo Pellegrini, landscape architects and Gilberto Reis, artist. Hamburg, Germany. 1st prize ex-aequo
– International limited competition – ´Revitalization e qualification of Cairo´s central area of Khedive´ with Parque Expo SA, ARCHPLAN (Egypt), A2P Consult, Estudos e Projetos, Aires Mateus e Associados, Arqui 300, Augusto Mateus & Associados, CEDRU, Centro de Estudos e Desenvolvimento Regional e Urbano, FERCONSULT, PROAP and TIS.PT.

– ‘Concurso Internazionalle per la Progettazione della Ferrovia del Vesuvio’, Itália. 2º Prize.

– ‘Medão / Supertubos beach project’ .Peniche, Portugal. 1st Prize

– ‘Sport Science and Phisical Education Faculty – Coimbra University’ Coimbra, Portugal. 1st Prize

– ‘Casa da Escrita Garden’, with João Medes Ribeiro, architect. Coimbra, Portugal. 1st Prize

– ‘Parc du Mas Nouglier’. Montperllier, France. 1st Prize

– ‘Stº António Urban Park’ with Inês Norton, landscape architect and Inês Lobo, architect. C. Caparica, Portugal. 1st Prize
– ‘Elderly Home in Outorela’ with Inês Norton landscape architect and Ana Cristina Verissimo architect. Oeiras, Portugal. 1st Prize
– ‘Tourism and Hotel Management School’ with JLCG architect. Faro, Portugal. 1st Prize
– ‘Forlanini Park’ with JLCG architects, TF Marques and Jacopo Pellegrini, landscape architects. Milan, Italy. 2º Prize.
– ‘Operational Coordination Center, Brisa’ with JLCG architects, Flavio Barbini, architect. Carcavelos, Portugal. 1st Prize
– ‘Landscape Masterplan for Praias Equipadas’ with Baixa Arquitectos, lda. C. Caparica, Portugal. 1st Prize.

– ‘Competition Europan 6, ENTRECIDADES – Novas Urbanidades e Dinâmicas da Arquitectura’ (Special Citation)
– ‘Theatre-Auditorium’ with JLCG architects. Poitiers, France. 1st Prize
– ‘Technology Superior School’ with ARX architects. Barreiro, Portugal. 1st Prize

– ‘Tarello Park’ with Inês Lobo and Cesare Pellegrini, architects and Jacopo Pellegrini and Teresa M. Figueiredo, landscape architects. Brescia, Italy. 1st Prize
– ‘Aguieira Urban Park’ with Inês Norton, landscape architect and JLCG architects. Viseu, Portugal. 1st Prize
–’Camélias Park’, with Inês Lobo and Pedro Domingos, architects. Oporto, Portugal. 1st Prize

– ‘Setubal Museum’ with JLCG architects. Setubal, Portugal. 1st Prize
– ‘Previous Selection for Five Gardens in Joahnisthal Park’ with Inês Norton, landscape architect and Gilberto Reis, artist. Berlim, Germany. 4th Prize
– ‘Garden for the Portugal´s embassy in Berlim’ with Inês lobo, architect and Gilberto Reis, artist. Berlim, Germany. 1st Prize
– ‘New Installations and Gardens to Palácio de Belém’ coord. JLCG architects. Lisbon, Portugal . 1st Prize