identificazione dell’immaginario paesaggio


Accademia di Architettura – Università della Svizzera Italiana | Harvard University Graduate School of Design (promoted by)

SWITZERLAND | 2016 (Exhibition 22April-7May 2016)
curator João Gomes da Silva (collaboration of Bjorn Klingerberg)

The exhibit, originally initiated by the Graduate School of Design at Harvard University and curated by Jill Desimini, is presented in Mendrisio thanks to the curatorial adaptation by landscape architect João Gomes da Silva. The timeless practice of producing representations of the physical reality of the world gave rise to a cultural activity called ‘cartography’, embedded in the discipline of geography but influencing other disciplines in the sciences and arts. The exhibition therefore presents a vision of the relations between the tradition of mapping, the contemporary practice of landscape architecture and architecture as representation. The exhibition is divided into four sections, Subsurface Inventions, Temporal Itineraries, Aqueous Explorations, Terrestrial Practices, and is complemented by original cartographic materials from the collections of the Accademy of architecture Library, enabling visitors to experience documents referring to the Swiss and North Italian landscapes, a region where strong was the need to create and install infrastructure, improve the capture and distribution of water, energy production and distribution or road and railway circulation.


PROJECT DATE 2015-2016 (design) 2016 (construction and exhibition) | CLIENT Accademia di Architettura di Mendrisio |





Original exhibition promoted by the Harvad School of Design

Curator: Jill Desimini

Dean: Mohsen Mostafavi, Harvard University Graduate School of Design

Landscape Architecture Departement: Charles Waldheim

Director Assistant: Benjamin Prosky

Exhibitions responsables: Daniel Borelli


Accademia di Architettura di Mendrisio

Dean: Marc Collomb

Coordinator Director: Marco della Torre

Curatorship and Exhibition layout: João Gomes da Silva with the collaboration of Bjork Klinderberg

Ancient archive research: Angela Windholz

Exhibition coordinator: Stefania Murer, with Matteo Bischof, Filippo Cocco, Lorenzo Vicari, Oliviero Vitali

Graphic: Alberto Canepa

Translations: Duccio Biasi

Logistics: Graziano Cavalli, Marco Corti, Francesco Talaia